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Modern Web Hosting (Part 1)

I rode the wave of the internet when it was new. Seriously, I helped build, maintained and supported an internet company and all it’s inter-workings from 1997-2004ish. FreeBSD servers were out platform of choice. Open source operating systems were the new standard, Linus Torvalds was still figuring out what to do with his Linux kernel, but we were using FreeBSD, and it was WILD times. The internet was Swiss cheese back then. Zeroday exploits were often un-patched for months, and no one knew what the hell they even were.  Media didn’t have a clue. Meanwhile, we were 0wning winb0xen for fun on the daily. I used to build the servers websites were hosted on, now I just want to be a client.

So, with that mini-preface, I’m just a marketing geek looking for reliable hosting! I used Hostgator for a while. Quite a while actually, but their complex control panels, limited ability to grow resources without physically moving the site and just generally weak answers to stability problems made me seek another host.

I went to 1&1. They’re highly-rated. Setup a “cloud” account for about $15/mo. Migrated our core website and everything was going well. Fast forward a month and things were a bit slower. Page load times were uncomfortable. Opened a ticket, they restarted services and said they couldn’t see a problem. Our site was performing ok so it was out of mind for a bit.

So we fly down to pay a visit to a big new customer and I’m expecting to use an iPad to show recipes and photos from our site to said customer. Nope. Dead. Down. Unreachable. F$&

I immediately excused myself and got on the phone with 1&1. Their call queue was like an hour out. I was screwed. This really made me rethink my hosting strategy.


In Part 2 I’ll explain why I’m in love with Amazon Web Services.


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