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January 1: To the Beach! (and back)

I don’t know what I’m doing here. Just decided I’d start writing. I don’t want to get too personal but might. Thoughts of the day? A recap of what happened each day? No idea, just starting this.

This holiday season was a weird one. I was sick on Christmas Eve (and the 26th) and had a big project for work due.. while everyone else was on vacay, I got to stress about work. Ho hum, procrastination: I loathe you.

A rare glimpse of @allysonncotton smiling while I tested camera light. :0

Ally and I left around 8ish from Kingsburg, a foggy challenge that led us a bit out of our way (to 41) for safety’s sake. Destination was Pismo to grab her boy and spend a little time farting around at the beach. Many others had the same idea, and our little town of Cayucos was inundated with people for their annual Polar Bear dip! I once flew my drone over it to capture a few years back.

We got Jared, did our thing, and headed for home. Now let’s talk about what the hell I’m doing here.. and NEW YEARS. 🙂

Resolutions? Naww. Goals? Sure! Here’s what’s on my mind this New Years day.

  1. Procrastination. Get everything done more timely. Make lists. Check things off. Don’t LAG.
  2. Personal Productivity. Find something to do before you relax. Clean, tidy up an area, take all trash out, do SOMETHING productive around the house/personally every single day.
  3. Daily Scripture & Prayer. I’ve been to the mountain top. I’ve been a successful, devout human before, and I was the best version of myself when I was devout and consistent. I NEED to get back.
  4. Health & Wellness. I’m an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic. I had a stint of Diabetic Keto Acidosis the beginning of September of 2018. It scared the hell out of me, and I’m a much better patient today.. but there’s always room for improvement. More to come.
  5. Write daily. I don’t know why. My life’s not interesting enough to vlog, even though it’s a passion I hope to one day achieve. I think writing will help me with structure, commitment and give me a way to measure myself. We’ll see how this goes.

I take a lot of photos. As I look into Adobe Lightroom this evening, I developed a few pics I shot this afternoon in Morro Bay. A rare one of @Allysonncotton candidly smiling at me (rare) and a few from them reacting to annoying dad’s “smile!” tactics. Oh.. and one of Presley. Little crap factory decided to be photogenic as I lugged my camera inside to harvest its photos.

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